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Tips on Choosing Plus Size Maternity Clothes

It is every woman’s desire to look attractive. We use makeup, designer clothes, high heels, and a plethora of other things to make ourselves look appealing. However, there is a limited choice of stylish and trendy maternity clothes available in the market, especially for a plus-sized woman. However, this in no way means that we should cover ourselves from head to toe in hideous outfits. Just keep the following things in mind while buying clothes.

How to Choose

An average-sized woman gains approximately 25 lb., during pregnancy, depending on her pre-pregnancy size. Women who wear sizes 18 – 22, tend to gain 15 – 25 lb., which is why they need maternity clothing as soon as possible just like an average sized woman. Women who wear size 24 +, tend to gain anywhere between 5 – 15 lb. or sometimes no weight at all. Hence, they can do without special maternity clothes till the seventh month of their pregnancy, as their weight gain is barely noticeable.

Comfort should be the top priority while choosing maternity clothes. So, buy stretchable and loose outfits which will give you room to grow in the coming months. However, buying loose and comfortable clothes in no way means that you have to compromise on style. Buy in a variety of colors and well-suited patterns that make you look and feel sexy. Preferably buy natural fabrics, like cotton, organic, or knitted material all of which are very gentle on the skin. Wear dark colors like black and blue as they make you look thinner. Wear dresses which have vertical lines or floral designs on them as they divert the attention from a flabby body.


Plus size clothing patterns should be such that they draw attention away from your belly. There are many patterns which flatter a pregnant woman’s figure. Choose empire style dresses. Empire style refers to a high-waist dress tucked under the bust with a long flowing skirt. This kind of silhouette accentuates the curves of a woman and at the same time hides the stomach area. The free-flowing skirt adds length to the body too. This style is perfect for plus size gowns, which can be worn for parties and get-togethers.

Tops which are either multilayered, or pleated in the front, are well suited to a plus size body. Choose off-shoulder or décolleté tops as they highlight the shoulders, which are a comparatively slimmer body part in pregnant women. Wear dresses and tops which have embroidery on the waist as it is the narrowest part of a woman’s body. While buying T-shirts, make sure that they have either a V-neck or scoop neck. In fact, such neck shapes are recommended for all types of maternity clothes for plus size women. These days there are tons of options available online too, that you can choose from.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

If you are investing in a whole new wardrobe, then there are a few essentials that you should definitely purchase.

  • Stretchable denim jeans
  • Pants with stretchable waistbands
  • Leggings
  • Skirts with adjustable fasteners
  • Tops which tie at the back
  • Poncho tops, trapeze tops, and baby doll tops that are two sizes bigger than your regular ones
  • Jumpers teamed with a jacket

If you are a size 24 + and in your last months of pregnancy, it is suggested that you shop at a men’s store and buy large-sized men’s T-shirts. They will make you feel comfortable, and you can wear them with stretchable jeans or pants.

For an evening out, you can also try free-flowing dresses with no waist at all. Use lots of accessories to jazz up your outfit. Wear a trendy watch or an elegant piece of jewelry. Use wide belts slung around the hips. Make hats, scarves, handbags, and sunglasses a part of your dressing up. Accessories can brighten up even a plain-looking dress.

Maternity clothes can be quite expensive. So, here are a few options for cheap dresses. If you have any plus size friends who have been pregnant, you may borrow clothes from them instead of making new purchases. Also, if you can sew well and have a creative streak, you can make them at home. Using belly bands over your unbuttoned regular pants or jeans and covering it with a top is another option to save money.

When shopping for plus size clothes, the best policy is to wait and watch. First check how much weight you gain and then purchase accordingly. Whatever be the case, whether you buy maternity clothes or make do with your regular clothing, remember to flaunt your pregnancy confidently.

Tips on Buying Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is very important for a bride to be. Once the design for the gown is decided, a woman would always be on the lookout for the perfect matching jewels. Wearing the right kind can help accentuate your appearance. The type you choose can be really loud, simple, or elegant. The design finally chosen is a matter of personal opinion.

Things to Consider

Budget: First and foremost, you need to fix the budget for shopping as mentioned before. This would help you to narrow down your search. Jewelry shopping can get really expensive, therefore, it is a better bet to fix upon a certain amount. It would help you to make a better and faster mode of selection as well.

Wedding Gown: Finalizing your gown before you go on a jewelry shopping spree is important. This would also help you to get a proper picture of the kind of bridal accessories that you would require. The main aim is that they should blend well with your wedding gown. Further, think about the neckline of the gown. Is it a sweetheart neckline or a V-shaped one? This would help you to decide what kind of necklace you would need to buy. If your dress is heavy or elaborate, does it require you to spend an extravagant amount on ornaments? In such cases, you would look more beautiful with some minimal elegant designs.

Color: The color of your wedding gown would also play an important role. A white wedding gown would look beautiful when combined with platinum or pearl jewelry. Pearls help to add a sophisticated touch to the new bride!

Fabric: The fabric of your gown would also be a deciding factor. The basic finish of both the gown and the jewelry should blend well.

Family Heirlooms: You do not always have to spend an exorbitant amount. Browse through your mother’s jewelry box and you might just find the perfect piece. You will look absolutely gorgeous wearing your mother or grandmother’s jewelry.

Hairdo: Your hair and makeup also need to be planned once you finalize your gown. If you have a modern styled dress with a stylish hairdo, then you can opt for large chandelier earrings that can add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit. If you wish to leave your hair loose, then you can opt for a flamboyant necklace with simple earrings since your hair are bound to cover the ears.

The Wedding Band: The band is a symbol of love and promise between couples. Always choose a classy design that would reflect your personality as well. They look more attractive when they are simple and elegant.

Stones: Think about the kind of stones you would prefer. There are plenty to choose from, right from diamonds to pearls. Every gemstone has a unique look, therefore, you would need to decide the kind of overall look you are trying to create. If you have a lesser budget, you can go in for semiprecious stones that can come in a variety of colors and can look equally beautiful when styled into the jewelry.

Bedecking: To complete your wedding outfit, it does not always mean that you have to wear different types of jewelry from head to toe. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. If you are wearing long earrings, wear a necklace with a thin strand. Remember to play down certain areas.

Long-term Buying: Buy jewelry with the perspective to wear it in the future too. Hence, don’t buy such extravagant pieces that you wear only once and then they are kept as showpieces in your wardrobe.

So, we hope this article makes jewelry shopping for your special day a bit easy. Happy shopping!

Ways to Buy a Best Football Shirt Online

Buying soccer jerseys is now very easy. With online retailers, one can find whatever they are looking for. There are very many shops online that carry different types of football jerseys. Shopping for a soccer shirt online has its merits. For one it is very convenient. Football jerseys come in different colors and designs. There are so many things that separate one shirt from another. Searching for the right shirt requires a little help. With a search engine, that is easy. When shopping online, it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. If you want a club shirt for home games, then you can find it. One can even search for the exact season of a shirt.

Be cautious

When you are buying football jerseys online, it is important to exercise caution. The thing about buying anything online is that you don’t have a way to verify its authenticity. This is why you have to be careful who you buy from. In most cases, all the vendors will provide extensive description and images of the product. You can use these to get a good look at the shirt you are buying. However, you also have to check on the return policy of the online store. This way if anything were wrong with your product, you could return it.

Some online stores will sell both on retail and wholesale. If you needed to get soccer jerseys for a team, then you could find them. Find out is a store can sell you jerseys for any team. Remember that buying for a team is slightly different than buying for one person. For instance you have to consider the different sizes that you would have to get.

Consider the shipping

You also have to consider the shipping policy of the store where you are buying your football shirt from. You have to know when your shirt will be shipped to you. Find out about the period it takes to deliver products. There is also the cost of shipping. Usually shipping one shirt would cost more than in bulk. Find out what concessions there are to make to ensure you get your shirts on time. If it’s an international delivery, you have to know about the terms and conditions to be followed. The last thing you need is having your purchases detained at customs.

Good customer service

The customer service that an online store will provide you counts for a lot. Sometimes you may not need the face to face communications. However, you may need something cleared up. For instance you may want to know how the customization is done. Sometimes you may not be sure which shirts are the latest. A store that provides you with the help you may need is the one to go with.

Shopping for a football shirt online has its many advantages. You can capitalize on them by finding the right store to shop from. Always make sure that a store offers you variety in colors and sizes. Also check on the prices. There are some vendors that are cheaper than others.


Finding Men’s Gold Necklaces and Accessories

Men today are embracing gold jewelry and wear it in many shapes, sizes, and colors, such as two tone gold, white gold, and even rose gold. Men’s gold necklaces especially, caught the fancy of men of all ages and races. Gold accessories for men have suddenly become the talk of the town.

Many people ask the question, should men wear gold? And the answer is yes, of course, but remembers there are a few ground rules that apply when you decide to wear gold: 1) The necklace you buy should work for you and not against you. 2) It is always more flattering to wear real gold like 14K or 18K. Wearing gold plated jewelry may be cheap but can sometimes end up looking tacky and cheesy if not taken care of properly.  The gold plate finishes have a tendency to wear out. 3) Many people really rock the gold look, but you must be careful not to over do it. There is a very fine line between hip and trendy, and tacky and cheap.

You can choose from 14K gold chains like 3.5mm 14K Gold White Pave Figaro Chain, 3mm 14K Gold Mariner Chain and 2mm 14K Gold Franco Chain, or opt for the 18K gold necklaces like 18K Gold 2mm Franco Chain, 18K Gold 5mm Figaro Chain and 18K Gold 6mm Figaro Chain. All these designs are very different and have their own unique style and pattern.

If you are looking to buy a necklace for yourself to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary, buy something that you know will go with your personality. Gold is a very personal choice, and while it looks good on everyone, some designs may look like you over-indulged. Such chains make great gifts too, but it may help to remember that while chunky gold necklaces may look extremely appealing on young, muscular men, fairly thinner necklaces may flatter men of all ages. You have so many choices to choose from, so be sure to take your time and buy a necklace that you love.

You can also go online and look for some stylish designs. Online stores stock interesting trends, and it is recommended to do some research before you zero in on a design. Online stores also have great sales, where you can buy necklaces for a cheaper price than what you would have paid for otherwise. Remember to read up on a few customer reviews and make sure the site is genuine and authenticated by consumer protection organizations such as the BBB or Bizrate.

Since men’s gold necklaces make great gifts as well as accessories, invest in some trendy designs today. With so many styles to choose from, you may be spoiled for choice. The goal is to acquire pieces that will make a statement when paired with items from your wardrobe.